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 Is Metaphysicality Real? If So, Do We Comprehend It?

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what if i said America's biggest threat isn't Russian; Chinese or alien? what if America's greatest threat isn't even physical? my name is La Resa Edwards. and as GOD'S Only Legal Representative, I Personally GUARANTEE. The Single Greatest Threat to Humanity is and will always be The Absence of Metaphysicality.

Hopelessly Lost Humans are physically limited without a thorough Comprehension of Reality; explaining their 100% Death Rate. so let it be Accepted WA that I AM not only GOD'S Legal Representative. I AM also Humanity's Only Certified Metaphysician. and as such, I GUARANTEE. every Disconnected Mind & Spirit needs to develop (Evolve) before Physical Ascension (Immortality) is remotely POSSIBLE.

No Self Preservation - Severe Mental Retardation
No Self Preservation - Severe Mental Retardation

The Absence of Metaphysicality has been forcing Humanity to Negatively Evolve for over one million earthyears. in Fact, every human is born Genetically Predisposed to Metaphysical Brain Disease (MBD). and because Metaphysical Properties dominate Physical Properties; the end result is Mental Retardation.

to Comprehend; Accept WA that Brain Functioning is both Physical and Metaphysical. Physical Metaphysical Brain Functions include Calculation and Memory. Metaphysical Metaphysical Brain Functions include Compassion and Spirituality.

Accept WA that People closest to Physicality (atheists / devil worshippers) are usually the most Spiritually Diseased. and Spiritually Diseased People are usually Viciously Malignant! People with MBD always display Abnormal Human Behavior (AHB). for GOD'S Future Record, Abnormal is defined as Violent; BACKWARD and time decreasing, which means it plagues just about every American adult.

the best thing about having a Certified Metaphysician in Yesterday'sAmerica is The Fact MBD is easy to Diagnose and Cure! so get ready to say goodbye to Abnormalities like Unprovoked Aggression (Direct Innocent Harm) and Satanic Complacency (Indirect Innocent Harm); forever!

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happy people



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