Decreased Brain Potential Metaphysicality S.P.H. Satan Sensory Perception Spirituality


What Is Stupid Puny Human Weakness?    although both Mind Strength and Weakness can develop (Evolve); both are Mentalities. and allMentalities are controlled by Spirituality. a Spirituality is an Incognizant or Uncontrollable MetaphysiologicalBrain Function (MgBF). and it’s directly linked to Human Behavior. People with Spirit Strength typically Behave Normally. People with Spirit Weakness typically Behave

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Metaphysicality Sensory Perception Spirituality

Cure Mental and Spirit Disease

 Is Metaphysicality Real? If So, Do We Comprehend It? what if i said America’s biggest threat isn’t Russian; Chinese or alien? what if America’s greatest threat isn’t even physical? my name is La Resa Edwards. and as GOD’S Only Legal Representative, I Personally GUARANTEE. The Single Greatest Threat to Humanity is and will always be The Absence

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S.P.H. Sensory Perception

S. U. S. P.

As it is with leader; so it is with citizen. Widespread Severe Mental Retardation leaves the human host Spiritually Disconnected from GOD; themselves; the environment and beyond. Without Spirituality, the Rapidly Aging Human is GUARANTEED to dwell with Severely Underdeveloped Sensory Perception (SUSP). Humans with SUSP never tap into 3 major Metaphysical Brain Chambers holding high levels

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