America’s BACKWARD Socioeconomy

exactly what is backward socioeconomics? is a backward socioeconomy even POSSIBLE? if not, how come no one talks about america's broken machine? the answers to these and other questions pertaining to socioeconomic failure stems from one simple truth. metaphysicality is missing from Reality.

it's imperative to accept that no matter what conclusion is reached. scientific studies based solely on physical research will be inaccurate. to be Clear; inaccuracy keeps breaking the machine. not that it cannot be fixed!

yes; it's POSSIBLE to wipe america's multi-trillion dollar deficit away for good. and since I AM MESSIAH; i gladly accept most responsibility. i'll start with the basics. the physical understanding of what socioeconomics is. i surfed the web. here's the definition i got.

socioeconomics: "the social science that studies how economic activity affects and is shaped by social processes."

ok. off the bat, i Find 02 backwardalities (holes) in Mortal Comprehension. number 01, socioeconomics is a science (metaphysicality). so it has no Physical Property. without Physical Property, Economic Activity or statistics / omegas could never affect social processes. the correct definition for socioeconomics is:

"the social science that studies how social processes shape economic activity."

number 02, because a statistic ain't nothing but a past activity. statistics cannot be used in socioeconomic planning. confused? don't be. all you have to do is remember that it's physically IMPOSSIBLE for past to control future. therefore, significant timewaste on studying statistics is burdensome; especially in 11:59!

now; i Realize you may Find Future or Tomorrow Technology Relatively new. and you're PROBABLY second guessing yourself because you've always believed that past controls future. however, i assure you. future controls past. furthermore, Tomorrow Technology is so simple. Small Children and travelers use it every earthday.

Comprehend Reality by getting comfortable with the difference between backward & forward. backward alphas always omega the past or yesterday. and forward alphas always omega tomorrow or the future. you see? simple!

no one else can Comprehend Reality for you. therefore, it's your job to teach yourself. once you get acclimated to studying the future; you'll be able to avoid just about every major Social PROBLEM long before it occurs. I GUARANTEE my Patented Forward Approach cures (controls) most backwardness to 096+%. Praise GOD!

Empress La Resa the Rightful


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