Exactly What TIME Is It?


if the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists set yesterday's Doomsday Clock at 11:58; what are they saying?


i'll tell you. they're saying Stupid Puny Humans face Extinction. and if it's 11:58 for everyone; then it's Clearly 11:59 for Black People! if you have the nerve to ask why; you're either a hermit or "Reality Ignorant."


naacp stats
naacp stats

you see. it's 1 thing to be ignorant to a "Fraction" of Reality. but to be "Completely" Ignorant is absolutely ridiculous! and no race on Blueprint Earth Ignores Reality quite like Black People. that's Right! out of all races, Blacks lead Yesterday's World in all Mostly Negative Circumstances. for example, Blacks die quickest; own less businesses and corner no markets. Innocent Blacks are most harmed (targeted). Black Families are most broken. Black Men kill each other most! Black Women exploit themselves most. and what's worse is each new earthday comes and goes without any solid future plans for the Black Race.

keep in Mind; it's 11:58 for everyone else! and now that you Comprehend Reality somewhat; have you ever stopped to asked yourself exactly why the heck is Humanity so Hopelessly Lost? GOD Disconnection is PROBABLY Humanity's worst Spirit Disease. it's worst because Mortals Need GOD in order to Properly Recognize TIME.

unfortunately for the GOD Disconnected, Keys to Immortality dwell deep within each Metaphysical Brain Brain. do you Comprehend exactly what I AM Saying? GOD absolutely does not care about the race, gender or financial status of the [GUARANTEED to be] Weak & Pathetic Mortal. if the Metaphysical Brain neveractivates; that Mortal dies without POSSIBLY Qualifying for Physical Ascension (Immortality).

besides, Right off the bat, i can think of ten things i can do with TIME. breathe; Think; smile; walk; talk; eat; play; work; sleep and be affectionate. i've been trying for well over ten earthyears to think of one thing i can do without TIME. i'll tell you exactly what This Means. This Means TIME Is all that Really Matters. so, if TIME Is all that Matters; only a Hopelessly Lost Fool would waste it!

Praise GOD.

now you know exactly why I Evolved. TIME 4 GOD'S Master Race! 

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