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witness as God takes Physical Control of Yesterday's America Live!

The Law Suit that Destroys america

for 6 earthyears, i've been translating GOD's Unchanging Messages from HIS Unlimited Number Language. and HE always says the exact same thing. "In Order for America to reach Heaven, physical time must MOVE FORWARD." and for 6 earthyears, each and every American leader prefers to be BACKWARD. for The Record, voluntarily choosing hate, war and anguish over Love, Peace & Prosperity is RETARDED! and though Mental Retardation is a Human Right; being led by a retard is UNACCEPTABLE! see Law Suit below

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Physical Ascension Evidence

Physical Ascension is the only way to prove realtime God Connection is onboard. this Physical Unaging Process proves Ascension is more a chemically composed frequency than a one time phenomenon.