believe it or not. i've been donating TIME to most People for 01 earthdecade. and i've gotten less than $0500 from Public Donations. the information i give freely has inspired thousands. film makers have made millions off  my inspiration. yet; no one has ever given BACK. the reason everyone takes and doesn't Give BACK is because between 96 - 99.9% of all Americans is Clearly GOD Disconnected. so much so that they all support one or more BACKWARD Leaders or BACKERS.

how do you know if your leader is a BACKER? that's easy! if your leader works for; supports or is mostly driven by money; you support a filthy; disgusting BACKER. now you know why most People is Unhappy. yes! it's IMPOSSIBLE to worship money and be Happy for significant time; especially if you is Black.

Why is most rich People Unhappy? that's easy. it's because every Person has a Physical Being and a Spiritual Being. the Physical Being gets taken care of quite well. with Inactive Spirituality.