Legalize Weed

The Peacemaker Campaign Fully Supports the Legalization of Marijuana and All Controlled Substances or the Illegalization of All Uncontrolled Substances

God's Number reveals that whether controlled or uncontrolled; the main reason americans become 'strung out' on chemical substance is due to Stupid Puny Human Weakness (SPHW). SPHW is a Misdiagnosed Spirit Disease that leads to brain atrophy and death. because yesterday's average doctor/ therapist remains outside Infinity (Metaphysical Reality); Spirit Disease remains physically undiscovered; thus misdiagnosed, until now. by the way, whoever termed metaphysical is genius. 

Brain Disease leads to Brain Malfunction. Brain Malfunction leads to Abnormal Human Behavior.Spirit Disease leads to Decreased Brain Potential (DBP). DBP leads to Mental Retardation.

if your question is, "is Abnormal Human Behavior (AHB) and Severe Mental Retardation (SMR) the same thing?" the answer is no. an end result of AHB suggests ground zero is a suffering brain yielding uncontrollably chaotic human behavior like schizophrenia or paranoia. an end result of SMR suggests ground zero is a suffering or 'God Disconnected' spirit yielding controllably chaotic human behavior, like unjustified hate and Innocent Harm.

Number Comprehend. in Reality, physical existence holds not only physical, but Metaphysical property. mostly Metaphysical property is much greater than mostly physical property. this means, being the dominating force, Widespread SMR is the Metaphysical reason Adversity dominates puny human Reality.

now you can appreciate exactly why Number Comprehension is key to God's Future​. it's needed to properly recognize the 2 distinct sides dominating Reality. take yesterday and tomorrow for example. yesterday is saturated with chaostomorrow, human behavior is governed by highly encouraged Self Control. so there is no need to be burdened by military or police.

and as tomorrow's only knower, i guarantee every adult indulgence holds possibility; as long as it falls under God's Principles of Peace. so, no. a mostly responsible adult of 30+ earthyears will never even consider molesting a child; but absolutely can smoke crack responsibly.

The Mostly Responsible Peacemaker Law is but one pillar supporting tomorrow; a time that, until nowwas considered Unrealistic. then again, how could a nation of misdiagnosed Spiritually Diseased people possibly comprehend that the path to tomorrow is paved with normality. Normal Human Behavior (NHB) is achieved via self generated Open God Connection (OGC). the higher the connection, the more normal the behavior.

those holding the highest God Connection can surround themselves with unlimited Controlled & Uncontrolled Substances, like marijuana; cocaine; delicious natural & artificial food made with excess salt, sugar and fat; guns; money; alcohol; sex; etc. not only will a connected person never over indulge; but participate only when needed.

God Willing,  you'll one day Number Comprehend exactly how short a healthy life cycle of 120 earthyears Really is. maybe then you'll appreciate why depriving normally behaved (model) citizens of well-deserved Divine desire is cruel. more importantly, you'll finally know why sitting idly while controlably chaotic shit, like rape; sex/ human trafficking and illegal organ harvesting continues to keep you outside God's Future.

i know SMR makes Simple Fact Acceptance hard. but you absolutely must Number Comprehend. humanity has devolved to the timepoint of Epidemic Retardation. how intelligent is it to hold a 100% Rapid & Eternal Death Rate and not work like hell to solve nothing but this problem? imagine how frustrating it is to discover Immortality and desire to give it freely to defenseless mortals without enough natural ability to sense death. now you know exactly why americans voluntarily consume life threatening GMO products and lead-laced water every americanday.

lucky you! God's Mercy is now here to publicly announce; you can bet your christmas goose that the only cure to SPHW is natural. this means 3 things 00) investing heavily in a future module of artificiality is stupid, thus timewasteful 01) no one connects you to God but you 02) your religious leader is a fraud! let's stop Right here.

exactly how much sense does it make to risk missing Reality for illusion (Free Will)? and without evidence, at that! if i was you, i would ask myself a series of questions. is Normal Human Behavior possible? if so, is my behavior mostly normal or mostly retarded? if mostly retarded, does this mean i willingly turn my back on God? time to stop, again

Severe Mental Retards founded this timeplace. and their even more retarded offspring remain. that's Right. i said it! you out-of-control mostly european freaks should be ashamed of yourselves. it has gotten to the timepoint when i refuse to respect exactly what you made of america. why should i? she's a shameless, filthy and disgusting whore who currently holds Yesterday's World Record for wielding the most negative numbers at once!

notice how SPHW holds no race; gender; sexual preference or religion. so tell me something, proud retard. does it take rocket science to conclude that mostly negative anything leads straight to chaos every time? and if "every time" means always, AND always is specific, should not the most retarded person recognize timeeventually

speaking of eventually, my friend, you will legalize all Controlled Substances because america's problem is definitely not marijuana. matter fact, legal prosecution for any drug user without proper mental & physical training is ASS Backward. it is also ASS Backward to legally prosecute the irresponsible user without legally prosecuting the irresponsible distributor. and if i prove the u.s. government is america's greatest drug distributor, exactly what does this mean?

​do you Really need me to tell you what you already know? we are all americans with cell phones and/ or computers. the few that don't have, know someone that does. ah yes. the internet, God's finishing touch validating specific design. this is clearly The Day of Information. specific not because of the limited information u.s. controllers allow; but because we all have God's brain.

​lemme explain sum. with God, you never leave Reality. therefore it doesn't matter what lie or misleading propaganda anyone forces into your psyche. calculative ability affords you the advantage of recognizing the distinct difference between backward and forward, of which you effortlessly comprehend, forward is always greater. 

so when sum government supporting retard comes your way with the bobo (Bullshit), like mostly helpful marijuana must remain illegal; while mostly harmful alcoholrefined salt and sugar must remain legal for absolutely no Number Reason, you automatically know exactly what you is dealing with. 

the bottom line is; with Mental Retardation in firm control, the u.s. government will continuously fail yesterday's average u.s. citizen. and i don't know about you. but i cannot continue to sit idly by waiting to die at sum retard's command when i know for fact God's Future is Real. so here is exactly what is going to occur, whether satan's retarded minion is ready or not, God's Chosen prepares to take physical control of The Ununited State of Yesterday's God Disconnected America.

stand by for instruction