Death Life Pain & Suffering Spirituality


Is La Resa GOD’S Death Angel? despite over 2000 earthyears of religion; The Puny Human Death Rate is 100%. allow me to break it to you. Humans are not supposed to die! In Fact, humans are supposed to Develop Immortality so they can leave Blueprint Earth. I GUARANTEE. The Universe Is Real. and only Immortals survive the trip.

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Challenge Death Spirituality


Rated R GOD’S ETERNAL PEACEMAKER CHALLENGE there are a few things People should always remember 00)  Reality includes Timespace; Metaphysicality and Physicality 01)   like Timespace, Metaphysicality is an Unseen Reality 02)  Stupid Puny Humans have been Dying Without a Complete Comprehension of Reality for over 01 million earthyears though common, Reality Ignorance (the American dream) is Abnormal (BACKWARD).

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