Challenge FORWARD

The Hostile Peacemaker Takeover of Yesterday’s America

Pay / Donate / Tithe $10 and Receive a Copy of The Lawsuit

GUARANTEED 02 Establish Peace On Blueprint Earth!



it's a shame to be Mortal; Weak; Pathetic and TIME Unconscious (Metaphysical Brain Disease). but sure as i tell you; 96% - 99.9% of yesterday's entire American Population is just that! for GOD'S Future Record, any Population over 50% Hopelessly Lost Faces Extinction!  now you know exactly why I AM Implementing HIS Immediate Divine Intervention; a FORWARD (Metaphysical) Socioeconomic Program that destroys the U.S. and its Numerically Flawed Constitution.

you see; GOD'S Takeover is less about the Constitution and more about Numeric Flaw. The Fact no Supreme Court Justice Recognizes Constitutional Flaw Diagnoses them Severely TIME Unconsciousness (Metaphysical Retardation); explaining why they uphold America's Right to be BACKWARD (Hell) in the first place. by The Way, there's a 96+% Chance that no BACKWARD U.S. Judge has the ability to stop GOD'S Wrath (Continuous Blood Sacrifice of Hopelessly Lost Citizens).

I AM Clearly the only one who Comprehends Our FATHER (Farther / Future). therefore, as tomorrow's only Real Citizen, I AM suing Federal Governments all across Yesterday's World for Treason Against GOD & HEAVEN. the above text the introduction page of HIS Divine Petition. that's Right! under Free Will, yesterday's U.S. Government is so Metaphysically Diseased that it has been refusing GOD'S Numerically Sound Plan to Move America FORWARD for 07 earthyears (significant Anti-American Evidence).

yes; as MESSIAH, I GUARANTEE. not only is Immortality Real and relatively easy. but all Mostly Negative Circumstances, including Physical and Metaphysical Diseases can be Cured in less than ten earthyears. and because it's IMPOSSIBLE to stop me (GOD'S Will); i have a few suggestions for Hopelessly Lost American Mortals

00)  get ready for Permanent Change

01)  prepare your loved ones for the upcoming Government Shutdown (store food and water)

02)  Begin Accepting all Facts Without Argument


it's important every Adult Citizen be both Divinely & Legally Advised of exactly what is going on. to be Clear, THE MESSIAH is here; GOD is Real and TIME has Changed.


if your Metaphysical Disability makes you look (Desire) BACK (Hell); Simply Accept WA that HEAVEN has always been!


I Honestly can't Comprehend why it's taking the Federal Government so long 02 Surrender the United States. we both Know GOD'S Hostile Takeover Is Nonnegotiable (Imminent)!

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