Death Life Pain & Suffering Spirituality


Is La Resa GOD’S Death Angel? despite over 2000 earthyears of religion; The Puny Human Death Rate is 100%. allow me to break it to you. Humans are not supposed to die! In Fact, humans are supposed to Develop Immortality so they can leave Blueprint Earth. I GUARANTEE. The Universe Is Real. and only Immortals survive the trip.

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Government Marijuana

Controlled Substances in America

Legalize Weed The Peacemaker Campaign Fully Supports The Legalization of Marijuana and All Controlled Substances or The Illegalization of All Uncontrolled Substances whether Controlled or Uncontrolled, the main reason Americans become ‘strung out’ on Chemical Substance is due to a Spirit Disease called Stupid Puny Human Weakness (see S.P.H.W.). and because yesterday’s average Physical Doctor does not Practice Metaphysicality; Undiagnosed & Mistreated

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Decreased Brain Potential Metaphysicality S.P.H. Satan Sensory Perception Spirituality


What Is Stupid Puny Human Weakness?    although both Mind Strength and Weakness can develop (Evolve); both are Mentalities. and allMentalities are controlled by Spirituality. a Spirituality is an Incognizant or Uncontrollable MetaphysiologicalBrain Function (MgBF). and it’s directly linked to Human Behavior. People with Spirit Strength typically Behave Normally. People with Spirit Weakness typically Behave

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Challenge Death Spirituality


Rated R GOD’S ETERNAL PEACEMAKER CHALLENGE there are a few things People should always remember 00)  Reality includes Timespace; Metaphysicality and Physicality 01)   like Timespace, Metaphysicality is an Unseen Reality 02)  Stupid Puny Humans have been Dying Without a Complete Comprehension of Reality for over 01 million earthyears though common, Reality Ignorance (the American dream) is Abnormal (BACKWARD).

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Metaphysicality Sensory Perception Spirituality

Cure Mental and Spirit Disease

 Is Metaphysicality Real? If So, Do We Comprehend It? what if i said America’s biggest threat isn’t Russian; Chinese or alien? what if America’s greatest threat isn’t even physical? my name is La Resa Edwards. and as GOD’S Only Legal Representative, I Personally GUARANTEE. The Single Greatest Threat to Humanity is and will always be The Absence

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S.P.H. Satan Unfit White Supremacy

Hate Trump? Want 02 Remove Him From Office?

Reality reveals; regardless of race, gender or sexual preference; Satan’s Minion remains hidden amongst GOD’S Chosen. so if Chosen is few; Most People worship Satan. for this reason, before Divine Order can be Properly Implemented, THE MESSIAH must Legally expose to GOD’S Chosen exactly who Satan’s Minion is.   for GOD’S Future Record, due to

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BACKWARD Decreased Brain Potential Government Life Mentality Metaphysicality Pain & Suffering S.P.H. Satan Spirituality

Spirit Retardation

What Is The Difference Between Physical and Metaphysical Retardation? first of all, the yet to be Recognized Metaphysical Brain helps its host maintain Brainbody integrity. and like The Physical Brain; The Metaphysical Brain has a Central Command with Satellite Stations. however, unlike its physical partner; The Metaphysical Brain is composed mostly of Metaphysical Property that’s

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Decreased Brain Potential Government Mentality Metaphysicality Pain & Suffering Problem Solving S.P.H. Satan Spirituality

White Supremacy in America

What is Humanity’s Greatest Threat? it’s been about 7 earthyears since i discovered what I Calculated to be Humanity’s Greatest Threat. and don’t ever get it twisted. though Severe Mental Retardation (SMR) is officially downgraded; it remains a Human Extinct Factor. unfortunately, there’s an even more powerful Metaphysicality threatening Humanity. you see; White Supremacy is Severe Mental

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BACKWARD Devil Worship FORWARD Government Instinct Satan

Satan’s Minion

The Introduction of FORWARD   it is absolutely ridiculous how many Proud Devil Worshipers Exist. they’re everywhere; like roaches, including government, sports and entertainment! In Fact, it’s POSSIBLE. no one makes it “big” in the U.S. without Public Devil (BACKWARD) Worship. i guess that’s why they refuse me. unfortunately for them, i have a surefire method

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