​america’s proud history proves that instead of being great, Yesterday’s America is saturated, controlled and supported by people who truly believe in an Adverse approach to social order. but what was the point when Adverse Order is IMPOSSIBLE from the beginning?

here is your dilemma, yesterday’s average hopelessly lost american citizen. on one hand, you can Fuck around and continue ignoring The Messiah, but ASS Backward shit, like american on american dissension and violence not only continuesbut increases. on the other hand, you can accept la resa edwards as Messiah; Divine Order will be properly implemented and america will ​finally be great in Reality.

i said aaalllllllll this just to prove God is Real. but guess what? due to DBP, you’re going to navigate away from this precious timepoint without Public Submission to God; thus without me as your Rightful Leader. but never worry. we will meet; again. until then, accept this parting gift from God’s Futureevery minute you waste on being irresponsible yields harm for innocent american children. therefore… 

when you greet your kids next time

look them straight in the eye

tell them your Stupidity is

the reason they will die

look; if it’s any consolation, it’s not Really your fault you have DBP. God created you especially for this day. isn’t it obvious? it’s time you get to know Omnipotence. if you is like me, you’ll feel He is somewhat unfair at first. if so, believe it or not, He gives those with brains Right to question [Him]. but before anyone does, here is Numerically Sound advice 00) be highly respectful under the circumstance 01) try comprehending God is both Cruel & Merciful. 

exactly how can God be both Cruel & Merciful; you ask? well, it’s cruel to create a living creature; retard it and torture it forever for being retarded. this is simply not Right under His own Peacemaker Law. but after applying God’s Number Reason, Reality clearly reveals; Simple Facts cure God Disconnection. since Simple Facts have always been, and always means way before Stupid Puny Human Existence, Omnipotent God has always been merciful. amen.

The Path to God’s Future