since I AM first to publicly surrender my precious time to Omnipotent God for all Eternity, I AM granted Dominion. therefore come to accept my word as the most trusted source for God’s Future information. and i guarantee anyone who can harm, kill or invent a weapon of mass innocent destruction for absolutely no Number Reason is Mentally Retarded; including mathematician. 

you see. without Self Generated Calculative Ability, which is being able to think Realistically on one’s own; the DBP holder is easily manipulated. it is for this reason; well educated, high-ranking military officials either have or are willing to harm innocence on Superior command without confirmation of Divine Purpose. and if all military personnel is under Mentally Retarded & God Disconnected control, yesterday’s entire military body is Really inundated with highly skilled, armed & dangerous human hosts of mostly Artificial Intelligence.

​you gotta be kiddin me. did you know? in Reality, most of yesterdayleaders truly believe Senseless War is the way to God’s Future. so instead of possibly Qualifying for Ascension, they proudly decrease their very own precious time by permanently changing natural resources via unreasonable weapons of mass innocent destruction demonstration. then have the nerve to stand around all day beating their puny human chests, hoping their enemy will grow the nuts to attack. what The Muthafuckin Fuck?