first TIME visiting The BS Splitter? awesome; welcome! first things first; key Facts you should know. Number Zero, I AM America's only Sworn Peacemaker Presidential Candidate. one, i promise HEAVEN on Earth in ten short earthyears or lessonce president. if TIME Permits; of course. twoi had to Volunteer (Sacrifice) yesterday in order to POSSIBLY Establish HEAVEN; tomorrow. and three, HEAVEN'S Holy Establishment began September 10; 2019 

the above link refers to my Ironclad Lawsuit against the United States; et al. and as my Prediction stands; "no Mortal ever faces me in Public." obviously; the Defendants defaulted. the reason i never sought a Default Judgment is because all Divine Lawsuits pursue TIME; mostly. sure, i sued for Limited Damages. but forcing just one U.S. Judge to Face TIME ensures all U.S. Judges develop enough Metaphysical Sense to Find FORWARD; eventually

yes; HEAVEN is already established! and by administering GOD'S NONNEGOTIABLE Mortal Cure directly into America's largest veins GUARANTEES HEAVEN. so, not only did i establish HEAVEN quickly. I Personally Paid for it! so, when i claim I AM MESSIAH; know that it's now certified under the U.S. Constitution. Praise GOD!

unfortunately, Judge Timothy Batton of Fulton County Superior Court is Clearly not GOD'S Chosen. for, his Find to Dismiss GOD'S Petition Evidences GOD Disconnection BRD. for GOD'S Future Record, his Decision pertains to dismissal along with my incarceration Evidences BRD that -96-% (96+% BACKWARD) of all U.S. Judges Recognize neither FORWARD nor BACKWARD. in Fact, it's POSSIBLE that Judge David Emerson of Douglas County Georgia is one of America's few Mentally Capable Judges.

fyi, without Mental Capability, there's no way to Comprehend Physicality; let alone Metaphysicalities, like TIME; GOD; UNCHANGE; BACKWARD and FORWARD. dismissing GOD'S Word is IMPOSSIBLE; there's a 96+% Chance that by incarcerated me; the President; DOJ; FBI; CIA and INTERPOL is Directly Responsible for Destroying America. it's TIME all Citizens Accept WA that the United States is led by Mentally Retarded anti-Americans! to be Clear; because they continuously fail to Recognize GOD; 96 - 99.9% of the U.S. Population will suffer and die! once U.S. Leaders Publicly Submit to GOD under My Sworn Peacemaker Leadership; most Citizens most Citizens will not only live and thrive; but be happy; too! 

the reason the Human Rapid Death Rate is no longer 100% is because I AM Immortal. and, greater than likely, my children too are Immortal. what you need to know is it can be developed. now you know exactly why all leaders must be Sworn Peacemakers. for, if every leader Pledged Eternally FORWARD; there'd be very little Pain & Suffering. GUARANTEED!

alas, being far from FORWARD; no one knows THE MESSIAH is here. but, let's say; for argument sake, everyone did know. would anyone have enough Spirituality to Immediately Submit? or, would they Voluntarily Choose to remain BACKWARD like their Lost Leaders?

now you can begin Accepting WA that Reality is definitely Created. yes; a Reality when no one is capable of facing one woman could only be accomplished via Specific Design. and, to blow your Mind completely; HEAVEN was always POSSIBLE! the only Logical Reason no leader ever brought HEAVEN to Physicality is SIMPLY because OMNIPOTENT GOD made it so. in other words, only GOD can render all People totally Senseless. for sure as i tell you; HEAVEN is very doable! 



for the advanced (GOD'S Elite)

HEAVEN is Metaphysically at Ground Zero (alpha alpha):

00)  when all Mostly Negative Circumstance or Abnormality is limited to no Greater Than 4% Physicality

HEAVEN is Physically at Ground Zero (omega alpha): 

00)  when Increased Brain Potential is required of all Citizens

HEAVEN is Metaphysically at End Result (alpha omega):

00)  when TIME is currency

HEAVEN is Physically at End Result (omega omega):

00)  when Most People are Immortal

The Area With The Most Immortals Is GUARANTEED To Reach HEAVEN First.

at Physical Ascension or Immortality, HEAVEN is a timeplace of free 5 star living.  free high quality Healthcare for Mortals also Exists in HEAVEN. children get free High Quality Gourmet Meals at Public School. GOD's Children are Properly Trained to become HEAVEN Worthy or Model Citizens. amen.