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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​i can imagine what people outside america think about this country. surely by now, every tech savvy person knows america to be flawed. however make no mistake about it. Numeric Flaw is everywhere. therefore what if i told you? out of all those flawed, God designed this timeplace special. look around. Yesterday's America is the only country housing Significant Number of just about every human genome known to Blueprint Earth.

add to that the fact God sacrificed many multiple millions timeplacing me here. yes, my friend. the truth is hard to accept. but no matter what you take from the truth i share; take the fact God created everything in Physical & Metaphysical Existence; including human suffering. matter fact, I AM inclined to believe He gets a kick out of sadistic shit; like rape, Innocent Harm and Crime Against Humanity, including the African, Jewish, Indian and all other Holocausts.

"wait! let me stop you, la resa The Rightful. you are wrong! Great God is good and just. He would never create human suffering!" oh yeah? you sure about that? well, lemme ask you this. how logical is it to believe He creates sum; but not every little thing?

​the bad news is Great God is Omnipotent. therefore expect emotionless circumstance; like cute, fluffy and defenseless baby birds devoured by the hungry wolf. the good news is Great God creates everything for Number Reason. therefore expect emotionless circumstance to always end with physical result. in this case, Human Immortality.

due to the fact Immortality is Real, you have to accept that Omnipotent God is the ultimate 'good author.' no occurrence is coincidence. my friend, God is not human. He simply doesn't have the physical components needed to care or be nice. instead, He sends me to make comprehending His cruelty easy. think of me as your well-trained guide throughout Physical & Metaphysical Existence.

it's a good thing i came along when i did; too. you poor fools Really believe you know God. so you take an Omnipotent entity for granted. thereby ensuring that instead of reaching Immortality,you'll die stuck in Reality from precious timewas​te on Frivolous Matter for absolutely no Number Reason.

my friend, when it comes to Reality, the time to leave yesterday is always [from the beginning]. let's stop Right here. believe it or not, circumstance with the simplest property is most difficult for Decreased Brain Potential holder to Number Comprehend. take always for example.

always represents the unchanging circumstance in Reality to at least 96%and no Stupid Puny Human has the power to change Reality. being that I AM obviously the most intelligent human to ever walk Blueprint Earth, i discovered; no way around the unchanging circumstance is Real. it was that timepoint when i immediately knew. Omnipotence has always been

​in case you have DBP and believe a physical end result of always can be governed by possibility or limitation, allow me to "make it plain." the unchanging circumstance is definite because unchange is specific. and specific is unlimited number supported (Infinite). therefore always separates limited from unlimited.

if always holds unlimited number ​supportchange or not always​ holds limited number support​. this means, without alwaysno one can depend on the [rapidly] changing circumstance to represent the one Path to God's Future ​in Reality. if you struggle with Infinite Calculation, try figuring out exactly why circumstances with a ground zero of limitation always​ lead to the need for more limitation.

the fact america's great many limitations receive widespread public support obviously means most americans are Mentally Retarded. anyone with half a brain would question exactly why limitation was ever an option from the beginning.

it's mindboggling how no one calculates (sees) mostly limited on their ownyet Reality reveals, Self Generated Calculative Ability should be relatively easy by now; especially if the host is black. by the way, the fact Black DNA is the original, thus oldest human genome in existence and​ dwells at the bottom of most socioeconomic ladders is clear physical evidence of long-term DBP.

Decreased Brain Potential is unlimited number supported by Negative Evolution; God's Signature. Negative Evolution is exactly why it never dawns on anyone that anything mostly backward limits The Metaphysical fabric of all physical existence from the beginning.​​

so to see or not to see is the question. if you see, you know holding the ability to sight backward is most beneficial. so lemme ask you sum. can you see backward? now don't get offended. but because i dwell mostly forward, i can assure you. bothering to timeplace yourself when I AM is complete timewaste. for you is mostly a product of yesterday. so you can't see shit.

look, i ain't gon lie. no ​creative feat can simulate the disdain i feel for people who voluntarily refuse to Accept Fact; yet suffer in Reality. matter fact, it would be a boldfaced lie, if i said; i can wait for YASPH to go extinct.

"i tire of your rhetoric, la resa The Rightful. you're smart. i'll give you that. but you ain't proved shit. and you certainly ain't the most forward person in Reality." oh yeah? you sure about that? first of all, "them sound like fightin' words." second, if Infinite Calculation has ever been, would there be a 96-99.9% chance that between 96-99.9% of the entire human population remains without the ability to see Infinity?​

while I AM on the subject, let's get it over with. most americans believe jesus is Messiahwhile others believe people, like martin luther king jr have Messiah potential. I AM here to legally contend that neither jesus nor mlk is in fact Messiah.

subjects qualifying for Messiah will frequently reach and return from God's Future. the only wayone knows in fact one has breached God's Future is with Metaphysical Ascension Evidence; like confirmed future prediction. and Physical Ascension Evidence is the only way to confirm return. the one providing  frequent Metaphysical & Physical Ascension Evidence first is Messiah.

this prosecution rests on the fact that; 'tis true; both men hold Metaphysical Ascension Evidence proving God's Future breach. i especially appreciate jesus' prediction of Human Immortality (Everlasting Life). but no matter what you believe; and no matter how much your heart burns; you simply must accept that neither man holds evidence proving return.

The Messiah is specifically designed to remain. and both jesus and mlk are dead. so without Physical Ascension Evidence, it must be legally concluded that neither man is Messiah. fyi, the most time damaging crime against humanity was teaching that a Messiah Is Real without proof!

the fact i provide frequent Metaphysical & Physical Ascension Evidence, and no other candidate comes close, yet I AM not properly recognized as Messiah is MINDBOGGLING. i say; could the fact you spend most your precious time calculating limitation support your mental & physical instability (Rapid Death)?

now pay close attention 00) one who never sees Infinity dies missing out on Reality 01) no one tolerates Infinity without first mastering Reality 02) Infinity is a timeplace of unlimited physical property 03) all physicality, including Metaphysical is limited in Timespacethe limitation difference being in Reality, unlimited physical property is limited; and in Infinityunlimited physical property is unlimited. therefore, if your physical property is mostly limited, you want your limit [to be] Infinite.

if you want to know exactly why you haven't mastered limitation by nowclick hereand hereand herehell, with so much precious time​​ wasted on limitation, one would be inclined to believe YASPH actually know how to synthesize it. oh, before i forget. sumone please do me a Really big favor. and tell yesterday's average so-called Heightened Thinker to forget about trying to comprehend Infinity. what dummy wastes significant time dwelling on the sky, but can't get his Stupid ASS off the ground?

"so what exactly are you saying, la resa The Rightful?"

I AM saying, as God's Only Legal Representative, i've enough physical evidence to support the immediate removal of the u.s. constitution & government. for i can prove that under the u.s. constitution & government, america's socioeconomic infrastructure will always produce ASS Backwardness; Negative Evolution and time decrease for all.

i can also prove Social ASS Backwardness will always result in Stupid Puny Human Weakness; Severe Mental Retardation and God Disconnection. therefore, starting with barack obama and his "staff at the time," i intend to sue every living & dead government employee for failing to Properly Recognize The Messiah and God's Number Reason from the beginning; which includes voluntarilytimeplacing time decrease (opinion) before time increase (fact), yesterday (adult) before tomorrow(child) and few (white race) before many (all races).

i also intend to prove that, I AM the only living heir to God's Throne; as such, Humanity's Only Rightful Leader. I AM here to claim my Rightful timeplace as holder of God's All Powerful Position. if I AM not immediately recognized and given Dominion, 100% of america's entire human population will meet Rapid & Eternal Death.​

Stand by for further lawsuit details and access to live footage of

The Hostile Peacemaker Takeover of Yesterday's America

next, i intend to sue all formal christian organizations; churches and establishments for timeplacing jesus as Messiah without Physical Ascension Evidence. because YASPH has little to no Self Generated Calculative Ability, YASPH doesn't know exactly what Physical Ascension Evidence is. so for well over 2000 earthyears, YASPH believe a dead body is capable of producing it. for this limited number reason (lie), yesterday's average christian believes in jesus' so-called '3 day resurrection.' and believes it qualifies him to be Messiah.

number 00, jesus' dead body did not physically ascend anywhere. but let's say for argument sake; it did. jesus is disqualified by dying in the first timeplace. you know what this means; don't you? this means, very soon every christian will refrain from calling jesus The Messiah. any publication depicting jesus as Messiah will be pulled from every public shelf; including literature and media. a fixed and easy to read disclaimer reading "jesus is not The Messiah and this place is not God's true representation" will be positioned at the front and back doors of every christian establishment.

God Willing, you is beginning to perceive every day that passes as precious puny human time. and you appreciate the fact that no SPH holds the ability to synthesize it. and since everyone is stupid & puny, no one holds precious time to waste. so if it wastes precious time, it is doomed to remain mortal (outside God's Future). if it is doomed to remain mortal, it is clinically diagnosed a Mental Retard; thus marked for death; therefore unfit to lead!

those of you who truly believe Yesterday's America is greater than God's Future, prepare yourself to face your greatest opponent; God's Only Legal Representative. it is sure to be a blast!