God’s Number reveals that whether controlled or uncontrolled; the main reason americans become ‘strung out’ on chemical substance is due to Stupid Puny Human Weakness (SPHW). SPHW is a Misdiagnosed Spirit Disease that leads to brain atrophy and death. because yesterday’s average doctor/ therapist remains outside Infinity (Metaphysical Reality); Spirit Disease remains physically undiscovered; thus misdiagnosed, until now. by the way, whoever termed metaphysical is genius. 

Brain Disease leads to Brain Malfunction. Brain Malfunction leads to Abnormal Human Behavior.Spirit Disease leads to Decreased Brain Potential (DBP). DBP leads to Mental Retardation.

if your question is, “is Abnormal Human Behavior (AHB) and Severe Mental Retardation (SMR) the same thing?” the answer is no. an end result of AHB suggests ground zero is a suffering brain yielding uncontrollably chaotic human behavior like schizophrenia or paranoia. an end result of SMR suggests ground zero is a suffering or ‘God Disconnected’ spirit yielding controllably chaotic human behavior, like unjustified hate and Innocent Harm.

Number Comprehend. in Reality, physical existence holds not only physical, but Metaphysical property. mostly Metaphysical property is much greater than mostly physical property. this means, being the dominating force, Widespread SMR is the Metaphysical reason Adversity dominates puny human Reality.