SENSELESS WAR                        Rated R

Senseless War is physical confrontation of great Metaphysical cost forced onto God's Innocent Flock for absolutely no  Number Reason; like limited value, land & natural resource acquisition. in order to accomplish a Senseless War victory, most countries employ large armies consisting mostly of retarded fellow countrymen who, if killed, leave behind a significant amount of retarded women and children to dwell in Mostly Negative Circumstance. therefore, whether direct or indirectall Senseless War plagues tomorrow's possibly superior human with an ever limiting lifespan of Decreased Brain PotentialSevere God Disconnection and Rapid Death.

if you cross-reference war with Reality (limited time), you will find war has been around as long as the Stupid Puny Human. so if Senseless War dominates puny human existence, is it safe to simply deduct? for the past 1,000,000 or so earthyearsyesterday's average free-roaming citizen Really belongs in a straitjacket.

let's say for argument sake; war indeed has always been. how do you know yesterday's current God Disconnected warmonger uses less brain potential than yesterday's ancient God Disconnected warmonger? that's easy once you Number Comprehend. the only way to measure brain potential in Reality is via time recognitionthe greater the host's respect for timethe greater the brain potential. likewise, the lesser the host's respect for time, the lesser the brain potential.

since I AM first to publicly surrender my precious time to Omnipotent God for all Eternity, I AM granted Dominion. therefore come to accept my word as the most trusted source for God's Future information. and i guarantee anyone who can harm, kill or invent a weapon of mass innocent destruction for absolutely no Number Reason is Mentally Retarded; including mathematician. 

you see. without Self Generated Calculative Ability, which is being able to think Realistically on one's own; the DBP holder is easily manipulated. it is for this reason; well educated, high-ranking military officials either have or are willing to harm innocence on Superior command without confirmation of Divine Purpose. and if all military personnel is under Mentally Retarded & God Disconnected control, yesterday's entire military body is Really inundated with highly skilled, armed & dangerous human hosts of mostly Artificial Intelligence.

​you gotta be kiddin me. did you know? in Reality, most of yesterday'leaders truly believe Senseless War is the way to God's Future. so instead of possibly Qualifying for Ascension, they proudly decrease their very own precious time by permanently changing natural resources via unreasonable weapons of mass innocent destruction demonstration. then have the nerve to stand around all day beating their puny human chests, hoping their enemy will grow the nuts to attack. what The Muthafuckin Fuck?

if one knows for fact each life literally takes many multiple million, perhaps billion or even trillion earthyears to get Right here, and if it is possible that each life is specifically designed, could one continue disrespecting time and be in Right mind? just in case I AM humanity's only Real Heightened Thinker, the last time i checked, a Mental Retard cannot increase time. exactly what does this mean?

now, i know. I AM cursed with a painfully logical disposition. so only Increased Brain Potential holders appreciate my work as art. but no matter which side of your brain dominates, always​ remember. my Real goal is to get you to Number Comprehend.

next, i want you to accept the fact that due to long-term Unfit American Leadership, instead of a senseless Rapid Death sentence limited mostly to military personnel, yesterday's average Stupid Puny Human faces extinction. let's stop Right here.

facing extinction for absolutely no Number Reason is an UNACCEPTABLE future module for innocent civilian and warmonger, alike; simply because no​ Stupid Puny Human sees Heaven (tomorrow). this means you need time to learn how to possibly increase time (please God). do you dumb military and Senseless War-supporting Fucks comprehend exactly what I AM saying? 

not one of you is ready to die, Right now; especially not your Stupid ASS leader. and as God's General, you damn-well had better stop believing The Bullshit out in these fake ASS streets. and start confirming what The Fuck i say! you got that? "why should anyone listen to you?" cause I AM the only one who knows. that makes me your Savior. and even if i Really am not, i stay so far ahead. that I AM. capeesh?

yes, puny human. I AM The Messiah. this means. I AM the only one physically capable of wielding God's Unlimited Number; making me the most powerful person on Blueprint Earth. and i can tell you one damned thing. I AM beyond tired of being physically stuck in limited time; governed by a few Stupid ASS, ugly walking corpses!

what you don't know is i've been challenging all world leaders to public debate for almost 6 earthyearsnow. i've waged as low as $10,000 USD and as much as $110,000,000. to this dayno leader has accepted. matter fact, no leader will face me at all. this means. all leaders in Yesterday's World are spineless punks. "my leader is not a punk!" ya Stupid ASS leader's a Fucking dick suckin punk! go tell your pussy ASS leader. I SAID IT!!

​if you believe I AM afraid of any one of you, you've obviously got me mistaken! the only leader i have a smidgen of respect for is Vladimir Putin. and that is only because God makes me. but let this be your last mistake. every Stupid Puny Human (mortal) will submit to my leadership. the sooner, the better for you. Number Comprehend. i have already Qualified for Ascension. and i continuously prove it with physical evidence.

once again, and before any Hopelessly Lost Leader wages Senseless War against another Hopelessly Lost Leader, i say. face The Messiah publicly, first!

i, la resa edwards, formally challenge all Hopelessly Lost Leaders, including donald dump; kim jong un; xi jinping; vladimir putin; moon jae-in and all subsequent human others. I AM willing to take all of you on at once! include your finest mathematicians. every challenger wages $110,000,000,000 USD. winner takes all. 

while tomorrow awaits the public response of yesterday's Mentally Retarded leaders, i want the balance to pay close attention. witness the power of a Real God. if your God comes with artificial power, like guns; body guards and weapons of mass innocent destruction, your God doesn't have Real power, Stupid. and to think you volunteer to help keep innocent people from knowing Reality makes me sick to my stomach.

​the bottom line is; no matter your race, gender, sexual preference or religion. meaning, no SPH holds ability to change Simple Facts (God's Number Reason). therefore, if you dwell in ​yesterday's God Disconnected america and don't feel moved to correct at least one of her many Mostly Negative Circumstances, you hold a 0% chance of meeting Ascension Qualification. you're simply too stupid for God.

since it's imppossible for me to be humanity's only Heightened Thinker, i have a question. exactly who volunteers to remain Fucked-up in total ASS Backwardness for life? now you know exactly why the Freedom Fighter exists. i guarantee. yesterday's average Freedom Fighter holds Increased Brain Potential; and as such, has no other recourse but to rebel against [what is] not Right. i also guarantee. over 96% of the entire u.s. is occupied by holders of Decreased Brain Potential; and as such, have not enough instinct (God Connection) to see not Right, let alone rebel against it.

​america's proud history proves that instead of being great, Yesterday's America is saturated, controlled and supported by people who truly believe in an Adverse approach to social order. but what was the point when Adverse Order is IMPOSSIBLE from the beginning?

here is your dilemma, yesterday's average hopelessly lost american citizen. on one hand, you can Fuck around and continue ignoring The Messiah, but ASS Backward shit, like american on american dissension and violence not only continuesbut increases. on the other hand, you can accept la resa edwards as Messiah; Divine Order will be properly implemented and america will ​finally be great in Reality.

i said aaalllllllll this just to prove God is Real. but guess what? due to DBP, you're going to navigate away from this precious timepoint without Public Submission to God; thus without me as your Rightful Leader. but never worry. we will meet; again. until then, accept this parting gift from God's Futureevery minute you waste on being irresponsible yields harm for innocent american children. therefore... 

when you greet your kids next time

look them straight in the eye

tell them your Stupidity is

the reason they will die

look; if it's any consolation, it's not Really your fault you have DBP. God created you especially for this day. isn't it obvious? it's time you get to know Omnipotence. if you is like me, you'll feel He is somewhat unfair at first. if so, believe it or not, He gives those with brains Right to question [Him]. but before anyone does, here is Numerically Sound advice 00) be highly respectful under the circumstance 01) try comprehending God is both Cruel & Merciful. 

exactly how can God be both Cruel & Merciful; you ask? well, it's cruel to create a living creature; retard it and torture it forever for being retarded. this is simply not Right under His own Peacemaker Law. but after applying God's Number Reason, Reality clearly reveals; Simple Facts cure God Disconnection. since Simple Facts have always been, and always means way before Stupid Puny Human Existence, Omnipotent God has always been merciful. amen.

The Path to God's Future