lucky you! God’s Mercy is now here to publicly announce; you can bet your christmas goose that the only cure to SPHW is natural. this means 3 things 00) investing heavily in a future module of artificiality is stupid, thus timewasteful 01) no one connects you to God but you 02) your religious leader is a fraud! let’s stop Right here.

exactly how much sense does it make to risk missing Reality for illusion (Free Will)? and without evidence, at that! if i was you, i would ask myself a series of questions. is Normal Human Behavior possible? if so, is my behavior mostly normal or mostly retarded? if mostly retarded, does this mean i willingly turn my back on God? time to stop, again

Severe Mental Retards founded this timeplace. and their even more retarded offspring remain. that’s Right. i said it! you out-of-control mostly european freaks should be ashamed of yourselves. it has gotten to the timepoint when i refuse to respect exactly what you made of america. why should i? she’s a shameless, filthy and disgusting whore who currently holds Yesterday’s World Record for wielding the most negative numbers at once!

notice how SPHW holds no race; gender; sexual preference or religion. so tell me something, proud retard. does it take rocket science to conclude that mostly negative anything leads straight to chaos every time? and if “every time” means always, AND always is specific, should not the most retarded person recognize timeeventually