while tomorrow awaits the public response of yesterday’s Mentally Retarded leaders, i want the balance to pay close attention. witness the power of a Real God. if your God comes with artificial power, like guns; body guards and weapons of mass innocent destruction, your God doesn’t have Real power, Stupid. and to think you volunteer to help keep innocent people from knowing Reality makes me sick to my stomach.

​the bottom line is; no matter your race, gender, sexual preference or religion. meaning, no SPH holds ability to change Simple Facts (God’s Number Reason). therefore, if you dwell in ​yesterday’s God Disconnected america and don’t feel moved to correct at least one of her many Mostly Negative Circumstances, you hold a 0% chance of meeting Ascension Qualification. you’re simply too stupid for God.

since it’s imppossible for me to be humanity’s only Heightened Thinker, i have a question. exactly who volunteers to remain Fucked-up in total ASS Backwardness for life? now you know exactly why the Freedom Fighter exists. i guarantee. yesterday’s average Freedom Fighter holds Increased Brain Potential; and as such, has no other recourse but to rebel against [what is] not Right. i also guarantee. over 96% of the entire u.s. is occupied by holders of Decreased Brain Potential; and as such, have not enough instinct (God Connection) to see not Right, let alone rebel against it.