what I AM trying to say is you’ve been on your own since birth. so it’s up to you to accept that no puny human has the ability to protect you from God! not even me. my only purpose is to make it easier for you to accept that the only path to possible Immortality comes via Continuous Self Sacrifice. that’s Right! one holding no nobility never Ascends.

my advice to yesterday’s american mortal facing Rapid Death is do not despair! 100+% of the puny human population has been dying for well over a million earthyearswhy is it when an Immortal speaks openly about mortality, everybody wanna act like they ain’t spent their entire life expecting to die?

well i hate to disturb your sleep; but government mandated health insurance proves everyone gets sick. and the smartest, most able have at least one​ so-called life insurance policy on just about everyone in the family. therefore miss me with The BS and grow some backbone when it comes to speaking openly about your death.

the moral of the story is; never fear what cannot change. or can it? is there time to Develop Immortality? and if Immortality requires Proper Time Recognition, is it safe to say that all that ever matters isn’t black, white or blue?

as usual, i leave yesterday to Properly Prepare tomorrow for those that make it. i can tell you Right nowtomorrow is Heaven. and Heaven is to die for! the only thing left now is; i need to know. is you with me or against me?

if you is with me, you will 

00) support The Hostile Peacemaker Takeover of Yesterday’s America (stand by for instruction)

01) follow me to tomorrow @BSSplitter on twitter and instagram

02) tell everyone you know that The Messiah is here


​america’s first politician able to *claim Diligent Work.

​money must be taken out of the economy in order for most americans to survive Armageddon.