Since before inception, every single person dwelling on American soil was infected with Severe Mental Retardation; God Disconnection and Stupid Puny Human Weakness. Byproducts of Decreased Brain Potential and Spirit Disease, these very diagnosable Mental Disorders are estimated to Negatively Affect over 96% of the entire world’s population.
With Mental & Spirit Disease at long-term Pandemic proportion, no one in the U.S. Government has the Mental Ability to recognize time. Without Proper Time Recognition, the U.S. Government will always fail to Properly Care for America’s Hopelessly Lost Citizens. So, God sends The Messiah back yesterday to save humanity from Extinction and timeplace those who qualify in Heaven on Blueprint Earth.
These upcoming sections will be Legally submitted along with The Balance of God’s Divine Petition against the U.S. Government & Constitution. So far, this petition is 26 pages long. You are invited to witness who is soon to be known as the world’s smartest human as she develops this Legal Action live.
Due to Numeric Flaw in the U.S. Government & Constitution, over 96% of The American Population has always been disconnected from a God who is not only Real; but very cruel. Let the fact Immortality Exists Metaphysically Evidence [His] specific design.
Because Numerically Flawed Circumstances like War and Innocent Harm Clearly decrease precious time; The Messiah will help systematically integrate Proper Time Recognition (PXR) into Reality. With time Properly Recognized, yesterday’s average American will have an opportunity to dwell in the luxury of today’s most valuable timeplace. Therefore, whether ready or not, let every Citizen accept God’s Hostile Peacemaker Takeover as necessary; imminent and nonnegotiable.
Multidimensionally supporting His Hostile Takeover is Divine Order; a five hundred day record of realtime Open God Connection. Literally housing God’s Living Future, The Book of Divine Order is the most precious literary artifact on Blueprint Earth. Currently valued at over one quadrillion USD, it offers humanity at least five hundred physical earthyears on Blueprint Earth and up to fifty thousand off.
The Messiah’s unique ability to simplify and translate God’s Unlimited language into English Clearly outlines God’s Plan for Human Immortality. So, if within the pages of this petition, The Messiah miraculously proves Reality is specific; be prepared to personally leave precious time decrease behind; forever.
If it is God’s Will that Yesterday’s America finally Moves Forward; let God’s Will be done. And, if Forward is Really the only way to Peace; Prosperity and Immortality (Heaven); then let this action be done in a relatively small amount of precious time.
Due to the fact no American leader has ever or will ever Properly Recognize time; Calculate Numeric Flaw to ground zero or save one American life, this unprecedented action is brought pursuant to God’s Unchanging Divine Order and against the constantly Changing U.S. Citizen & Government Supported Constitution. Because La Resa Edwards is both a Natural U.S. Citizen and Messiah; she has both Divine & Legal Right to Stand Publicly against all Severe God Disconnection; exponential physical time decrease and Numeric Flaw.
To eliminate timewaste (Backwardness), this Court will accept without argument (WA) that Unchange holds Metaphysical Property that always dominates Physicality. To conceptualize dominating Metaphysicality, all you have to do is apply God’s Unchange formula to Reality. With Unchange Clearly understood, this Court will Divinely Find that all People always hold the same Basic Human Rights and many are always Greater Than few.
So, whether under Divine influence or not, each alleged Mental Retard bound by the Constitution shall immediately develop enough Metaphysical Sense to uphold an oath of Greater Than to no Less Than 51%. If for any Numerically Flawed Reason, yesterday’s U.S. Constitution Bound Judge feels she or he cannot Rightfully distinct between Greater Than and Less Than but does not want to commit Treason Against God may be Divinely Excused. However, all Divine Excuses come with Divine and possibly Legal Charges.
Number Comprehend. There is no such thing as coincidence. This means God timeplaced you in this Court for His Unchanging Number Reason long before you were born. And if Change got you here, Unchange is going to move you away from here. So, your Divine task is simple. Do everything within your Legal power to see that this Divine Petition Moves Forward.
Plaintiff, La Resa Edwrads, is a Brooklyn, New York born U.S. Citizen currently residing in Douglasville, Georgia. Mental Retardation embedded in every American is so severe that La Resa is a fortyseven earthyear old single mother. As Divinely required of all Peacemaker Leaders, she Publicly Sacrifices her precious limited time Eternally Serving God in return for possibly receiving His Proper Protection.
La Resa’s Brain is unique in the fact she was born with Direct or Realtime Open God Connection. The God Connection or Absolution Area Exists as multiple frequencies Timespace Traveling so far away that Realtime dialogue is achieved only when Heightened Physical and Metaphysical Brains generate enough Positive Energy at once for significant time (SX).
La Resa frequents Absolution by spending significant time cultivating two-side Brain Dominance with Physical & Metaphysical Evidence. Now in no time with God’s Permission; she has developed enough Brain Potential to leave Blueprint Earth; survive Timespace Travel; meet with God; retrieve His Information; tell Him a joke or two; return and translate His Mercy or Eternally Unchanging Message into limited language – American English.
The Divine Purpose of this highly valuable Godgift is obviously to engineer limited time into unlimited time or tomorrow (God’s Signature). Tomorrow happens to be a timeplace when free five star living accommodations are offered to all who remain qualified and their immediate family members. So, Number Comprehend. Holding the intelligence to Hear God when He Speaks and sacrifice everything in order to Eternally Please Him is a Public miracle in itself. But personally seeing that Heaven remains on Blueprint Earth is the most honorable inheritance any Peacemaker Leader can will.
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