What Do You Think About the Coronavirus Situation?

quite a few people predicted the Coronavirus Pandemic long ago. i am no different. but instead of talking about it; i filed an ironclad lawsuit against the U.S. Government for Past & Future Treason Against GOD; HEAVEN and United States on September 10, 2019.

in this first FORWARD or Divine Lawsuit, i explain how over 96% (more like 99.99%) of the Human Population suffers from a Metaphysical PANDEMIC called Spirit Disease. i prove beyond reasonable doubt that GOD is Real. and Reality is Created. 

i introduced them to Metaphysicality and its properties. the first and foremost being that Metaphysicality comes before and supports physicality. so if Metaphysical PANDEMIC is on board; Physical PANDEMIC is GUARANTEED! 

the u.s. government dismissed God's ironclad Divine Lawsuit. and incarcerated me. and poisoned me! so GOD Immediately Began killing people! HIS Instructions were Clear (Legal) and concise! had the government heeded God's Words; most americans who the fell to the coronavirus would still be alive! all i can say is; if america keeps ignoring God & The messiah; there will be no americans left 

Why Are You Running For President?

first off, i would like to go on record saying i’ve never had a will of my own like most other boys and girls. from birth, i serve God’s Will only. when Father gives me infallible instruction, like take over Yesterday's World, i instinctively obey. think of me as God’s unconditionally-love-sick puppet. infatuated, i remain ready to please my master. one thing He loves is speaking. [so] i am His ear. as one can imagine, He never sleeps. [and] He never stops speaking; lol. so God’s instruction remains simple. “la resa, a Peacemaker Leader continuously qualifies for leadership. and in order to qualify, you must first Physically Ascend.” Human Instinct forced me to get started (submit) earlynowafter significant time in proper training, I AM truly Humanity’s Only Rightful Leader. see Physical Ascension Evidence @bssplitter on Twitter and Instagram. i run  for president because I AM the Only One who can turn Yesterday's America into GOD'S Future (Heaven). 

How Do You Feel About Biden?

i don't feel much different about biden than trump. trump's problem is he's proud of being Mentally Retarded. biden doesn't seem to be proud of his Mental Retardation.  nonetheless, Mental Retardation or the inability to Calculate FORWARD is a Symptom of God Disconnection. and God Disconnection forces most people to behave abnormally. so, you see. it doesn't matter which Retard is running the country. the bottom line is; like trump; joe biden will fail to move this country Forward. unfortunately, he, like his predecessor; will selfishly sit around a let millions of Americans die. now that you know this fact; how do you feel about biden?

What Is Your Vision For America?

my vision for america is tomorrow’s global headquarters. yes, whatever country houses The Messiah will be first to physically reach Heaven. and though not every citizen qualifies overnight, the average Peacemaker-In-Training neighborhood boasts of amenities greater than that of yesterday's average upper middle class. exactly who in Right Mind doesn't prefer free 5 star accommodation over costly no star accommodation? in God’s Future, the air is fresh. the water is clean. the food natural! and most people remain happy. best of all, there is no Rapid & Eternal Death. "we cannot calculate as far as you, la resa The Rightful. exactly how can we be sure if following you to God's Future is possible?" the answer is simple. all you have to do is Number Comprehend (Accept Fact) 00) I AM the only one who knows daily purpose for each citizen is arguably the fastest way for God Disconnected humans to develop high & superior levels of human instinct. and 01) when most people hold High Human Instinct, the chance of Adversity ever seeing global proportion again is extremely small. amen

How Do You Feel About America's Social Condition?

2020 YWX reveals that the American Way was always ASS Backward. and in Reality, the chance of a Backward country reaching Heaven is 0%. so I absolutely cannot stand america's ASS Backward Socioeconomic Condition. allow me to explain. everyone knows america supports itself herself off Mostly Negative Circumstance (Backwardness). in other words, if there was no Judicial System; there'd be no america. that's number one. number two, in order for America to run a successful Judicial System; there must be Backwardness (Mostly Negative Circumstance)! for this monetary supported reason; america allows Negative psychological Influence to permeate amongst her very own people. yes! this is Reality! and it is Completely BACKWARD! and as GOD'S Only Legal Representative; i guarantee that Backwardness like crime & hate will never omega Heaven! please accept that under my leadership; America's Poor Socioeconomic Condition turns Forward in less than 24 earth hours. praise God!